Listening to the coldcut One Hour, Eleven Minutes and Five seconds video ( though I couldn’t tell the difference when the video changed to the next one on the play list)  was indeed time I can never get back. Though the experience definitely reminded me of why I don’t particularly like club music. (Except in that one moment where it said my name *WOOO!*)
The one thing I tried to do while listening to the 70 minutes of madness was  refrain from allowing myself to indulge in another form of technological stimulants. Which I was surprisingly successful at; considering how bored I was.

I revel in finding new music, the moment you find something new to like is one enjoy. Whether the music is familiar or completely new.

This was not one of those moments.

The examples of songs we talked about in class, like bitter sweet symphony, are remixes I feel like I can get behind. They’re a combination of old and new. Taking what you like from something old and making something new that you love.
With the 70 minutes of madness the entirety of the song felt familiar and known, but in all the wrong ways.
Personally it was much like they had taken all of the worst parts of my least favourite songs of the one genre I really couldn’t care less about, put them next to each other and then told me it was music.

The one thing I did like about the experience was that it seemed to go on a journey.
Like the underlying beats and personality of the music was changing and evolving. Following its own progression and timeline. Much the same as music evolves over the decades.


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