We wanted it. We needed it.
And now we can’t have it.

What started as something innocent and good. Designed so people could profit off of their innovations rather than have them stolen and mass produced right under there noses, over the years has become something toxic and greedy.

Industries all but (sometimes including) brainwash their audiences. Telling them that they need to see this, they have to know what happens.
There is a very large and very profitable industry all about convincing people that they need whatever it is they’re selling.

And in a world of networked spoilers its almost impossible to get content before someone accidentally (or purposefully) ruins it for you.
Now I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me spoilers ruin everything.
I am a big fan of all sorts of media. I love watching movies and television and listening to music. But nothing ruins something faster than knowing things you shouldn’t.
If you’ve ever watched a movie trailer and expected great things, only to realize that all of the good parts were in the two minute trailer, then you know what I’m talking about.
Even with things that I never would have considered spoiler territory are becoming dangerous places to be.
The app Vine, not somewhere I had expected someone to be able to ruin something, yet often people will use the same six seconds of one song over their video and by the time I get to listen to that song I no longer even want to hear it.

These same companies that sit on our shoulders, the proverbial little angels, tell us stealing is wrong and you should wait your turn. While on our other shoulder tell us to share to talk to participate in this culture that is also causing many of their problems.

What was used to protect the little guys, to make sure they got what they worked for, is now used by companies to make dirty money fast.

Whole businesses are built around squeezing money out of people. Buying copyrights for anything and everything and then going after anyone they can.

What really doesn’t make sense to me is the ownership of copyright. If it was created to protect the inventor then why are the rights being sold off to other people?

Who thought that, “well group A gave that sequence of notes to Group B, and then group C used it (though hardly recognizable) illegally. Therefor group C should pay group B and give them all the recognition.”

Who did that make sense to? Who thought that it was a good idea to set precedents like that?

Disney is a great example of this.
The entire Disney empire is built on the stories other people wrote. But when it comes time for their work to become public domain they change all the rules.
They made their fortune that way, but they hate to see anyone else take what they made and evolve it.

And that’s all remix is really an evolution.

Centuries of work evolving.

Now we’ve come to a stalemate.

Companies own the rights to everything. None of it being theirs to begin with.
Creativity feeds off of content.  And now that everything is somehow owned by someone else how are artist to learn and grow when there’s no experimentation?

People fear creativity and what it means.

How can we create and share something we are proud of when there are conglomerate giants standing at our shoulders, scanning everything we do for a trace of something they can monetize?

Already it’s hindering the way people live their lives.
Young artists unable to express, unable to work.

The world is obsessed with money, so obsessed that they would stop all forms of cultural growth if it meant they were worth more than the next person.


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