After watching the two videos about remix by Bret Gaynor and Kirby Fergson, it really forces you to look at the world a little more critically. To not take everything as it seems.
With almost everything we do creatively being influenced by the things that came before us it’s foolish of us to think about these these things critically but without context.
A film is just a film, good or bad it is it’s own contained production.
But that is wrong. Its story follows genre stereotypes, it’s actors bring with them contexts of their previous films and their star persona (at least from an audiences point of view). Mise-en-scene is affected by the people who carefully create it. Whether from camera shots being lifted directly or subconsciously from other films and then placed in a different context or costumes or locations. each element brings its own context that will effect the way the film is perceived by audiences.
These things will be noticed in varying levels by audiences. Someone who hasn’t seen any of the previous contexts will look at a new film and think it innovative and original. Others who have knowledge of the original contexts of the materials may see these moments as a homage or simply creative pilfering.


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