Audacity attempt No.2

Well actually this was the third (I’m not including the lost attempts)

This time I attempted to create a rap.
Remaking the backing track purely with vocals, much like Kawehi. except less live and with more editing.
I tried using the wall of sound more in this remix, duplicating beats and mainly the backing track to give more depth to the music and adding some harmonies for the vocals.

I also used a few different apps to try and create some beats which worked well, but ultimately weren’t used. They were good for working out the rhythm of the song though ultimately.

For the writing of the lyrics I followed the examples of Youtubers RoomieOfficial and Brett Domino, both of whom have made videos about making catchy songs.
I also looked into websites that actually generated lyrics for you and attempted to follow as closely as possible one websites instructions on how to write a hit chorus. Though the lack of an actual chorus in the song tells you plenty about how that went.

I found the most helpful websites were the ones that tried to give you structure, but didn’t try to hand you a recipe for a song.

I definitely think I could have worked on the percussion some more and perhaps found actual instruments online to have created the backing track instead of attempting to recreate the sounds myself.

*language was used that I didn’t really think about until afterwards*


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