Remix video 1 – Rose edit

For this video I focused on the one image which was a timelapse of a rose wilting.
For me this first image was very much about the editing and less to do with the product. On the one hand I wanted it to look good but on the other I very much wanted to test out most of the video effects that I had available to me.
I mainly settled for speeding the video up 12x more than what it originally was and adding a different effect to each of the segments of video.

For the end of the video i reversed the footage so that the rose was then coming back to life. Essentially I wanted that to represent that experience doesn’t change you, it just let’s you know you were made of more than you thought.
But that may just be artful thinking and doesn’t necessarily come across as well as it could have.

For the audio for this video I actually kept the music that was already with the original content. When the footage was sped up I also sped up the audio the same amount without correcting the pitch or tempo. (Like an opposite paulstretch)
I also added in the original soundtrack over the top of the other audio. Though more of a personal comparison, it would not be difficult for someone else if they were looking for it to see that the tune was essentially the same.

I think I was successful in my own personal goal of learning a bit more about what it was I was working with, though less so in making a good remix.
It lacks a depth and other deeper goal that I associate with remix as an art form.


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