Remix Video 2 – A Rose By Any Other Name

For this video I used the same footage as the first video. This time I structured the editing more to give more purpose to the creation of the video.

The editing was designed to showcase how sometimes more is less. Visually the most effected segment in my opinion is the fourth rose, which had the sound removal, colouring, and a mirroring effect on it. Though it was the third least edited rose to me it was the most remixed, and certainly my favourite to create and to watch.

The last rose actually still has the original music to the clip playing with the song. That was a creative decision. I was counting the removal of music as an edit. In line with the decrease of editing to shots and because I wanted to again bring the video full circle and reverse the last shot, meant that I needed to take one aspect of the editing away. The sound removal.

I think that this video definitely has potential from an editing point of view. As a remix in and of its self I don’t think it carries enough weight. In retrospect I should have planned not only from my perspective but from an audiences perspective.  Though I would class it as not a particularly successful remix, I think that I achieved the goal I set for myself in producing it.


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