Remix Video 3 – Mass Media Consumption and Its Effects

I created a third video because I wanted to make a remix that had a more political point of view and that had something to say to viewers.

This remix is a comment on the effects mass media editing can have on everyday people. Especially young people.

For the video’s I consciously decided against using videos of professional (or other) people actually photoshopping models into something they would consider the ideal. Instead I used artists speed photoshopping to really display just how effective photoshop can be and how warped the photos of the ideal person can become.
Though it’s pretty much common knowledge that all media produced images are posed and edited in some way, I don’t believe people truly grasp just how impossible the standards are that they’re setting and how detrimental to a persons mental health that can be.

As a soundtrack for the video I used the Lana Del Rey song Young and beautiful, which itself was a comment on the fashion industries obsession with sexualizing under age models.
I accompanied that with dialogue from different video’s about the effects of these images being the standard of beauty. From a current to a former model, anorexia survivor and children ages from approximately 4 – 17.
The children’s dialogue was an innocent point of view, knowing that they felt wrong in their own skin and understanding that they didn’t match up to these images that they were told were beautiful, but not understanding that they were unreachable and unhealthy goals to look to.
The grown men and women leaned toward a more knowledgeable input. They talked about recognizing that these images weren’t real and that they shouldn’t hold themselves to that standard. Though they knew these things they all still admitted to being influenced by the images to an unhealthy extent, the subliminal messages too strong despite their knowledge.

I think that this was a much more successful remix that my other two videos. Perhaps not visually or as aesthetically pleasing, but for the context in which I put the video in I think that really furthers my point rather than detracting from it.


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