Get Affected

For this video I used a Marble lip art tutorial from YouTube.
Much of the footage is of a different quality than the rest because of the program I was using. After adding too many affects to the video the program began to shut down every time I tried to edit any further. So to combat that I had to export the video numerous times and then continue working on them.

To affect the images I  changed the colours, added effects like mirror, anaglyph 3D, invert, posturize and Threshold. I split the video up into as many different sections as I could, moved them into a different order and then sped each section up. I also added over a dozen different overlays. Focusing on the first and last section of the video.

For the audio I kept the audio from the original video, which was all cut up from the reordering of the video.
For the extra audio I took 17 different YouTube tutorials, sped up each separate audio to approximately 30 seconds and then change the pitches to varying degrees, and then layered them over each other.


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