Supporting Media

The Australian film industry is one that’s full of talent, hard work and ambition.

What it lacks is opportunity.
While those who find the will to push forward through the uncertainty of clear pathways, others will buckle under the pressure to have a steady job and a sure income.

As a country that sees so much American culture, films and media, it’s easy to assume that in an industry so large there must be a place for us.

That’s what I had always thought.

It never really occurred to me, with new content flooding in daily, that my consumption of Australian made content was shockingly small.

Think about it.
When was the last time you supported local Australian productions?
Unless you’re apart of that world, attending festivals regularly or someone who just really loves to support local, who’s seen any of these things?

Before I moved to Melbourne and began university I know I certainly hadn’t.(Except the odd thing here or there)

And the repercussions of the almost exclusively imported popular media?

For one we can’t afford to sustain our own film makers.
That’s why we’re so good at Drama and Horror films. Cheaper to make.

The quality of our content also tends to suffer.
While American Indie films are working on grants that can be up to, possibly more than, $100,000 we Australians are making films for pennies.

Not to say that it’s only our production of media that has been outsourced.
Food, clothing and all sorts of areas are being outsourced. Forcing small time Australians to make do.

Perhaps it’s time we tried supporting the things we produce in Australia, rather than blaming ourselves for not comparing in amounts and quality of products when we’ve been asked to do the same thing with so much less support.


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