The Final Five

After looking at the posts I’ve made over the semester, I thought…
Well first I thought about the fact that I should have been doing more.
But I thought about how the five that I’ll be handing over as my,
“five best posts through the semester.
This should show some reflection on the key themes of this subject”,
are very much the posts that describe how I feel about remix culture and what I think about whenever the topic is discussed.

At first I think about the implications of remix.
Is everything we see a lie? Is it all just one thing on top of another?
Is theft now just another form of creating?

Then I think about the implication of that theft and copyright?
Should they really be allowed to use that?
Can changing something enough make it yours… and what about the people who don’t change it at all?

And what about all the media we don’t see? All of the wonderful original art that may or may not be remixed but that we don’t see unless we’re one of the few who go looking for it.
Supporting Media

Of course there’s always going to be some remixes you appreciate more than others.

And lastly,
where are we headed?
technology, the greedy, the artist.
There are rights to be protected and rights to be taken advantage of.
What kind of protection can we think about when someones rights come for you?
VPN: Way of the Future? 


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