The Final Video…ish?

For my final video assignment because I thought it was a neat idea, and because I really didn’t want to have to justify the use of someone else’s work, I decided to use all of the footage I had created over my time at university and make it into something new.

‘Though some of the footage actually isn’t mine.(Though it was used in previous projects.) I believe that it has been edited extensively and so does not bear enough similarities to the original content to be recognized to its source.’

I also wanted to take the idea of some of the videos we watched in one of the lectures. Where the visuals we were presented with matched the video, the sounds we heard were linked clearly to the images we saw.
In some parts of my video this worked rather well… in others not so much.
There were particular areas that did not sync with the music the way I wanted to and after trying for hours to rearrange the clip to work, I found that it would simply take longer than the day I had to get the video to a place were I thought it was acceptable.
In the future I’ll definitely re-visit the idea because I find it an interesting one. However in this case it was a failed one.
That being said I still really like it. The mood of the different sections of the video were what I was going for and in that respect I believe I achieved my goal.

For the video I used AVS Editor.
Not something I would  really recommend.
Any attempt at layering was worse than pulling teeth and the limited sound options made it difficult to work with the audio, besides the most basic effects.
(Still can’t really complain. It is free.)

The music I got from YouTube’s free audio selection area.
Emerald Therapy by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)
ndustrial Music Box by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…)


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